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Accession provides national and local market access intelligence to inform your strategic planning and tactical implementation.

Understanding who your customers are and their “jobs to be done” is the starting point of any successful market access strategy. At Accession we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the NHS environment and the stakeholders within it, constantly challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the curve.

With our deep functional expertise in market access, shaped from over 65 years’ experience of engaging with payers, you can benefit from insights and access to our unrivalled and unparalleled customer network.

Advisory services and market research

Accession’s advisory services and market research studies help our clients formulate their market access strategy and approach. From understanding the changing environment to answering key business questions and solving seemingly impossible market access challenges or conundrums. Customer insight guides the process and Accession’s expert market access thinking extracts the ‘so what?’ It is only with this dedicated Pharma market access experience and expertise that you can truly discern the significance for your brand.

ABPI code compliant advisory boards, think tanks and steering committees

With extensive experience of planning, running and delivering specialist advisory boards and steering groups, Accession’s customer insight meetings are designed to engage expert decision-makers, draw out important insights and shape meaningful recommendations that deliver results.

BHBIA code compliant market access market research studies

Accession has been engaging and communicating with payers for over 65 years. So we really know the questions to ask and how exactly to frame them.

So what sets us apart?  Our deep functional expertise in market access informs the design of all our primary research studies. This allows us to identify the right decision makers across care pathways, local health economies and commissioning footprints.  We ask the right questions to the right customers.

Accession is your one stop shop for market access scoping, testing, development and ratification.


Accession is passionate that the payer voice sits at the heart of all market access strategies and deliverables. Accessnet® is our network database of key healthcare decision makers and innovators. This network has been organically and proactively grown through 65 years of payer engagement. By working with Accession, our clients benefit from the unique insights of Accessnet®, ensuring your market access strategy and tactics are truly customer centric and aligned to healthcare strategic objectives.

Stakeholder mapping

From the simple to the sublime.
Customer mapping should be carried out to mobilise stakeholders and bring about action, not to sit as a static database. The methodology deployed needs to fit the business need, the complexity of the challenge you face and your field team’s capability.

Value network creation

To understand and demonstrate the impact of your brand on a healthcare system, it is essential that there is a comprehensive understanding of all the participants in the system. As the NHS is moving to a whole system approach, an understanding of this system and its participants is key to truly understanding how and where your product or brand can add value. Value network analysis is therefore being increasingly deployed across many markets including healthcare as the only accurate way to ensure value is truly understood. Accession has significant experience and success in mapping and understanding value networks within the UK health system. Want to know more? Let us show you how this works!

Segmentation-led mapping

Accession develops robust stakeholder maps to quantify the total customer universe for your brand.  Bespoke segmentation analysis is applied to create a brand specific PowerMatrix. The PowerMatrix allows for tailored plans to be developed for specific customer cohorts and informs the targeting and communication of key communication messages.

Pathway-led mapping

Medicines do not sit in isolation waiting to be dispensed. They are part of a system and integrated within a pathway. Understanding the patient pathway is therefore a basic premise of market access decision making. You and your field team need to understand where your brand fits within the pathway, and importantly what are the barriers and bottlenecks that are preventing patient access and medicines optimisation. By understanding where these barriers lie you can create solutions to address them. To do this you need to understand who you need to speak to in order to bring about change. By placing the patient pathway at the centre of your stakeholder mapping activities you can ensure that all stakeholders are identified and the most appropriate decision makers are targeted and engaged with.

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If you have a problem, a barrier, or a seemingly insurmountable market access challenge talk to us, we can help. Let’s innovate!

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