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With extensive experience of designing and delivering successful market access value propositions, stories and messages, Accession knows what works and what doesn’t. Our skills have been developed through over 65 years of combined experience in Pharma market access roles, incorporating over one hundred product launches.
Clinical advocacy alone no longer sustains blockbuster products and organisational targets. Access to medicines is rigorously controlled and managed by national and local stakeholders. Aligning to the needs of this important and changing customer group is central to brand success.

Value Proposition and Value Stories

We know healthcare decision-makers need to do more with less, how then can technology advancements be introduced with higher price points? Or how do established brands hold their position with the arrival of generic competition? The answer lies in whole-system value for money.

Accession creates compelling, robust value propositions and value stories through our Accessvalue™ Platform. This industry leading approach to value creation advances customer engagement and accelerates positive product decisions by aligning to the needs of local health economy stakeholders.

Accessvalue™ Platform: The approach

Accession understands the pressure of delivering commercial success within the current environmental landscape.

Our value propositions and value stories address both the emotional and practical needs of your customers. Value will largely be measured by stakeholders in terms of how your product addresses specific commissioning and clinical challenges including unmet needs, improved patient outcomes and positive patient experience at a justifiable cost.

The value story can be translated into a range of formats from simple PowerPoint presentations to digital interactive return on investment discussion tools. These materials elevate conversations beyond price and clearly identify, demonstrate and differentiate your brand advantages.

Value-Adding Programmes & Incremental Value Creation

Accession creates first in-class, bespoke, value-adding programmes that lock onto the features and benefits of your brand and utilise your organisational capabilities to build new levels of competitor advantage. Value-adding programmes have come a long way.
Accession’s value-adding programmes are now shaping formulary decisions and tender submissions. We can incrementally grow your value proposition. Talk to us to find out how!
See also our Health Innovation Services.

Communicating Value: Market Access Symposia & Meetings

Accession has significant experience and expertise in the development and management of high end market access meeting programmes including symposia, large standalone speaker meetings, regional cascade meetings and local facilitation meetings. Our symposia and standalone meeting programmes are faculty led, bespoke and co-created with our clients. A mix of plenary sessions and practical workshops ensure delegates can extract value from the data presented. Delegates leave meetings with actionable plans and feedback is collected to inform meeting evaluation.


Local facilitation meetings bring together key members of the local disease specific service into a collaborative review and planning meeting. Each meeting programme is bespoke and typically will be focused on agreeing funding strategies for the introduction of a new drug, NICE implementation, identifying and removal of service barriers and service redesign. The discussion will ensure local clinicians, commissioners and other stakeholders develop a common understanding of the issue or opportunity and agree action-focused next steps.

Let's Innovate!

If you have a problem, a barrier, or a seemingly insurmountable market access challenge talk to us, we can help. Let’s innovate!

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